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Everett bankruptcy attorney Erin M. Lane and the lawyers who work with her are experienced in successfully handling Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases in Everett and all of Snohomish County, as well as the rest of Western Washington. We work to provide families and individuals with a fresh financial start.

Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys will provide you and all of our clients with the attention, communication, and care necessary to ensure each bankruptcy case is successfully handled. Our goal is to handle your case with as little stress and worry as possible during the understandably difficult financial times you have been experiencing prior to hiring us.

Our law office is conveniently located in downtown Everett, two blocks from the Snohomish County Courthouse and a few short blocks from where bankruptcy hearings are held.

Affordable attorney fees and flexible payment plans available.

The Snohomish County bankruptcy attorneys from our law firm set their fees as low as possible after determining the work necessary to help you achieve your financial goals through bankruptcy. Our attorney fees for bankruptcy cases vary depending upon the complexity or simplicity of your case.

Our law firm offers low, flat attorney fees in many cases. We also accept payments plans to fit within your budget.

Chapter 7 attorney fees.

Our attorney fees typically vary between $1,100 and $1,500 for Chapter 7 cases if you are not self-employed and you have not run a business in the 12 months prior to filing for bankruptcy. However, our fee may range somewhat higher or lower depending upon several factors, such the total amount of debt, whether you are of limited income living on public assistance such as social security, a recent change in income and several other potential factors. We usually do not charge less than $900 for any Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.

Our attorney fees are usually charged on a flat fee basis for Chapter 7 cases where clients are not self-employed or have recently run a business. if you are self-employed or have run a business over the past year, our attorney fees typically start at a $1,500 to $2,500 retainer. For these business cases, we typically bill at an hourly rate against this retainer. Therefore, our fees can vary significantly in Chapter 7 cases where people are self-employed.

In relatively simple business cases where a client's business is a side business or has generated very little income, we may charge lower than a $1,500 retainer. In more complex cases however, an additional retainer can be required if our hourly work exceeds the initial retainer.

Our fees for Chapter 7 cases where our clients are self-employed are typically higher than other Chapter 7 cases because there is usually considerable more work involved to determine the income of our client by reviewing extensive business and personal bank records. We also typically need to work with our clients to draft a Profit and Loss statement for their business. We accept payment plans toward our flat fee or retainer in almost all of our Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.

Chapter 13 attorney fees.

Our typical attorney fee for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy prior to filing you case is $1,800. In many cases, there are also additional fees that can be financed through a Chapter 13 payment plan. In more complex Chapter 13 cases where an individual is self-employed or seeks a discharge of their second mortgage, we may require higher attorney fees before your Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition is filed. Less complex cases and low income cases can sometimes be filed with for less than $1,800 attorney fees prior to filing your case.

Our attorney fees for Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases are typically higher than our fees for Chapter 7 cases because, in addition to the work necessary to having your Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition completed and filed, there is also usually a larger amount of work required to have your Chapter 13 payment plan drafted and confirmed by a bankruptcy judge.

Furthermore, in many cases, our law firm will need to work with you on your case and continue to represent you for up to 5 years until your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case is concluded.
We accept payment plans toward our attorney fees for almost all of our Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases and begin working your case and representing you after your initial deposit. Contact our bankruptcy lawyers serving Snohomish County if you have questions about getting qualified and beginning fresh on the pathway to financial freedom. Call now!

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