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Stop Your Home Foreclosure

Bankruptcy will stop a foreclosure up to the moment a house is sold at auction. Foreclosure takes months, sometimes years, to finalize with an auction after a homeowner falls behind on payments. In recent years mortgage companies have been slow to act on many delinquent home owners. However, a foreclosure auction can take place within four months of a notice of default.

A mortgage company usually does not send out a notice of default until a homeowner is at least three months behind on a mortgage. They are also required to offer you meeting, then a chance to mediate before sending out this notice. If you are behind on a mortgage and get a letter offering you a chance to meet with them, you should take advantage of that to slow the process down and learn what options you may have, such as a mortgage modification, from the knowledgeable Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers in Snohomish County from our firm.

Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop your home foreclosure.

One option you should consider is bankruptcy. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can put you back on track with your mortgage payments. It allows you to slowly catch up on your payments over five years. Of course, you have to resume making your regular current mortgage payments as well. By consolidating all your debt and lowering the amount of debt payment, a Chapter 13 can make it easier to focus on your mortgage. A Chapter 13 offers the possibility of removing a second mortgage if the balance of your first mortgage is higher than the value of your house.

How a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can stop home foreclosure, and what the difference is.

Chapter 7 will stop a foreclosure immediately just as a Chapter 13 will. However, a Chapter 7 does not offer a plan to get caught up. If you are behind on a mortgage, you have to get caught up yourself to save a house in foreclosure in Chapter 7. Sometimes being able to eliminate debt, stop garnishments and increase cash flow will allow a homeowner to catch up on debt. Sometimes all a homeowner needs is a little extra time to move when they are up against a foreclosure. A Chapter 7 can provide that time, though it can be as little as a month. Usually a Chapter 7 will stop the foreclosure process for several months.

It is possible to obtain a mortgage modification while in bankruptcy. Sometimes a mortgage company is more willing to modify a mortgage when other debt is eliminated.

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If you are falling behind on mortgage payments, it is better to learn about your bankruptcy options than to panic. You probably have plenty of time to plan a bankruptcy if the foreclosure process has just begun. Though you can stop a foreclosure the second you file your case, bankruptcy is a much less stressful and more predicable process if you are do not have to file in a hurry. Learn more about how our experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers in Snohomish County can help you today.

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