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How to eliminate medical bills with bankruptcy in WA.

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Even for people with insurance, medical bills can pile up quickly. There are many procedures that are not covered by insurance, and co-pays and portions that remain a patient’s responsibility can be expense. An injury or accident can mean long periods of time off of work, which makes paying the bills that much more difficult. Fortunately, medical bills are easy to discharge in bankruptcy.

Filing for bankruptcy in WA to get rid of your medical bills.

Contrary to a common believe, there is no such thing as “medical bankruptcy”. When you file bankruptcy, you have to include all your debt. Medical bills are classified as “general unsecured debt”, which are the lowest priority of debt. Unlike some other general unsecured debt, such as overpayment of government benefits or large credit card purchases made on the eve of filing bankruptcy, it is basically unheard of for medical bills to cause any problems. The court system understands the problem many people have paying their medical bills and they see this situation all the time.

Can a doctor or hospital turn away a patient if they file bankruptcy to eliminate unpaid medical bills?

You may wonder if a doctor will continue to treat you if you discharge a debt to him or her in bankruptcy. Most large medical institutions will continue to treat you even if you discharge their debts in bankruptcy. Smaller medical offices may have a problem with it, and you may want to ask. Whatever you do, do not pay a debt back to a favorite doctor within 90 days of filing a bankruptcy case in WA. Debt payments over $600 made within 90 days of filing your case, the trustee can recover that money from the creditor as an unfair “preference” and share it with all the creditors.

If the trustee sees a lot of medical bills on your bankruptcy, he or she will ask you whether they were the result of an injury that you can sue somebody for. Even if you have not filed a case, a trustee can step into your shoes and file for the injury to recover some money for the creditors. You may be able to exempt a large portion of the recovery but if you are looking at a large award, you have to turn part of it over in your case. If you think you may be able to sue someone and are considering bankruptcy, you should discuss it with the experienced Everett bankruptcy attorneys on our team.

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