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Bankruptcy protection for your vehicle in Snohomish County.

The automatic stay in bankruptcy stops all debt collection immediately, including repossessions. In Snohomish County, a car company can repossess a car without court order if you fall behind on payments. If you are like most people and rely on a car for work and basic survival, the sudden loss of a car can be devastating. Bankruptcy can relieve you of the worry over your car and put your finances back on track so you can keep going to work and caring for yourself and your family.

Though a car company can repossess a car on their own initiative when you have fallen behind on payments, it is usually not a big surprise. Most car companies will provide you with a warning and will not consider repossession until you are at least two months behind on your payments. If your debt is getting to be unmanageable, especially if you are already being garnished, you should consider bankruptcy so things do not snowball with a car repossession. Though you can stop the threat of repossession as soon as you file, you should prepare for bankruptcy well before it gets to that point.

A well planned bankruptcy eliminates a lot of stress and risk of unexpected consequences. If a car company repossesses a car after you file, you can sue them, but only if they received notice. It can take a few days before the bankruptcy court mails the notice to them, though having an attorney provide them with immediate notice is an option. Cars that are returned after repossession often come back damaged and valuables in the car can be lost. It is possible to recover a repossessed car up to the day it is sold at auction but it becomes more and more difficult as time passes.

Stop car repossession with Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

A Chapter 13 plan can provide you with a long term solution by allowing you to catch up on car payments and lower monthly payments over five years. A Chapter 7 will stop the repossession as well but then you have to catch up on payments yourself fairly quickly – sometimes in as little as a month.

If you are buying other expensive items on credit, such as furniture, electronics or appliances, the finance company must get a court order for their return. They also must have the sheriff repossess them. That process is very expensive for creditors and they rarely use it.

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