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Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys offer affordable, low flat fees. Debt relief is right on the horizon with our flexible payment plans! Connect with our team today.

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Get help from an inexpensive bankruptcy lawyer in Everett, WA.

We make paying for your bankruptcy easy and affordable. At our first free consultation, we can advise you on what debt you can stop paying immediately. You will learn what debt will be gone forever and how you can keep your car, house and other important property. You will probably feel a huge sense of relief knowing that your debt nightmare is over and bankruptcy is the best way to start repairing your credit rating.

Flexible payment plans and our affordable flat low fees.

Once you know your rights and decide to hire our affordable Everett bankruptcy attorneys, we set out an easy payment plan for our fees. We charge a flat fee, meaning you know exactly how much your bankruptcy will cost. You will not be surprised by monthly bills that itemize every time we advise you or help fight off a creditor. Once you hire us, we will take calls from your creditors and confirm that you are our bankruptcy client. Most creditors stop calling once they know you have hired an attorney.

We accept post dated checks or debit cards for monthly payments. We ask that you pay your fees in full within four months. However, we can be somewhat flexible because our Everett bankruptcy attorneys know you are going through difficult times. It is in your best interest to pay your fees in a reasonable short period of time so the information you give us remains current and you do not experience any emergencies such as a garnishment or repossession.

We can walk you through what the next few months will look like and make sure you do not make any bad decisions as you prepare for bankruptcy. As you pay your fees, our attorneys are available to advise you as you enter this new, important phase of your life. The better you prepare for bankruptcy, the easier your bankruptcy process will be.

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If you are able to pay your fees in full immediately, we can also offer a discount. We do more work if your bankruptcy takes longer to get off the ground. You can have a friend or family member pay your fees for you as long as they realize you are our client. We follow your instructions and keep your information confidential from everyone even if someone else pays for your case. With our affordable flat low fees, we make achieving a fresh financial start as easy as possible. Call an experienced, inexpensive bankruptcy lawyer in Everett, WA from our team today!

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